Why was the Task Force needed?

Infant mortality is a globally accepted way to measure a community’s well being, and our city and state continues to have one of the highest rates in the country. In fact, as other communities decrease their infant mortality rates, ours have increased. This is not who we are as a community, and we have everything we need to improve the lives of our babies. The work of the Task Force was the first step.

How did the Task Force do this work?

The Task Force met for a series of seven meetings from January through June, 2014. Each meeting took a comprehensive approach to the issues that affect infant mortality including health, societal, community and other factors.

When will the community report be ready?

A final report was released which included a plan to reduce the rate of infant mortality in Columbus/Franklin County by 40 percent and cut the racial disparity gap between white and black infants in half. 

How was the Task Force selected?

We all have a stake in the outcome of newborns and their families. That is why the health, social services, education and business community were all represented at the highest levels on the Task Force. These individuals also provided the leadership to ensure the community plan was thorough and actionable.

How will this work be funded?

The City and partners have committed to investing in this work, grants have been obtained to implement specific strategies and a committee continues to seek funds to support the various parts of the plan. 

Does this work interfere with other programs and task forces already underway – such as the Ohio Health Equity Institute?

No. The work of this Task Force builds on and complements ongoing state and local initiatives to address our infant mortality rate. This was an inclusive process.

What happens next?

CelebrateOne was created in November 2014 to carry out the Task Force’s recommendations and ensure Franklin County meets its ambitious goal.