Ohio Health Equity Institute: South Side Inititaive Workshop

On April 3, 2014, 13 South Side area residents and community leaders met at the John R. Maloney Health Center to learn more about Columbus’ infant mortality rates and ideas from impacted neighborhoods on how to improve birth outcomes.

Members of this workshop are also part of the Ohio Health Equity Institute’s South Side Initiative. The Ohio Equity Institute is an initiative designed by a national organization, CityMatCH. CityMatCH supports urban Maternal and Child Health efforts at the local level.

The Equity Institute is a data-driven, evidence-based, and highly visible movement. During a span of three years, nine communities in Ohio will receive training and support in implementing and evaluating equity-focused projects. In Columbus, this three year project is sponsored by Columbus Public Health, the lead agency for the local initiative.

Columbus Public Health will focus efforts on the South Side of Columbus within zip codes 43206 and 43207. These two zip codes are among the highest infant mortality rates in the country.

The providers discussed teen pregnancy, neighborhood safety, community pride and involvement and education.

Read the full meeting summary from the workshop with Southside residents and public health officials

This was the fourth of 10 targeted stakeholder workshops that will be held in conjunction with the work of the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force. The workshops are designed to seek input from those of you who are already tackling at least one piece of this large issue.

Specifically, the group was asked to provide feedback and insights on what is already happening in the community that are successful, efforts that are gaining traction and are points of pride for the community, barriers to improving the community’s infant mortality rate and what they would like the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force members to know.

Watch videos from workshop participants