Our Charge


Our Charge

The Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force was formed in November 2013 by the Columbus City Council President, Andrew Ginther.  He charged Columbus Public Health and Nationwide Children’s Hospital to lead an effort examining how to reduce the number of infants who die or face ongoing illnesses and disabilities because of challenges in the first year of life. 

The Task Force met for a series of seven meetings from January through June, 2014. Each meeting took a comprehensive approach to the issues that affect infant mortality including health, societal, community and other factors.  

In June 2014, the Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force ended its 6-month process with the release of its final report to the residents of Franklin County. In it were eight recommendations to reduce the community’s alarming infant mortality rate by 40 percent and cut the racial health disparity gap in half by 2020.

CelebrateOne was created in November 2014 to carry out the Task Force’s recommendations and ensure Franklin County meets its ambitious goal.

Learn more at CelebrateOne.info.